About Instituto-e

About Instituto-e

Instituto-E’s mission is to connect and assembly sustainable social and environmental knowledges and practices from different fields – such as scientific and academic institutions, non-governmental organizations, private sector, supranational institutions – in order to promote a more sustainable human development. Building bridges and acting as a hub, the projects headed and /or supported by Instituto-E are inspired by its 6 e’s: earth, environment, energy, education, empowerment and economics and developed and implemented either in Brazil, either abroad.


  • Eco Era award 2018
  • "Brazilianess" award
  • SEBRAE |
  • Research category
  • Top Design Brazil 2011
  • The State Secretariat of Culture of Rio de Janeiro Awards|Fashion category

About Us

We are an interdisciplinary group whose members have different trajectories.The group members come from the private sector, the public sector and the Third Sector. The main goal of the group is to increase public awareness and sensitization and to promote sustainable practices creatively. The group keeps a fixed professional staff that works full time developing innovative and original initiatives. The group also counts on a group of cooperating specialists in the field of communication, carbon credit, design, education, waste management as well as in other fields of specialization.
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