conservation of Brazil’s coastline

the project

This project is carried out by a public-private partnership. The project’s objective is to encourage the recovery of the Brazilian coastline through the replanting and conservation of the sandbank’s native species and through the development of environmental education activities.

The project’s purpose is to mobilize the local communities as well as the public authorities of the municipalities of the areas that are to be recovered. The pilot project was implemented at Ipanema and Leblon beaches and aims to be expanded to the following beaches: Praia do Forte (Bahia), Ilha do Boi e Castelhano (Espírito Santo Geribá, Prainha and Itacoatiara (Rio de Janeiro), Lagoinha and Praia Mole (Santa Catarina).

  • earth
  • environment
  • energy
  • education
  • empowerment
  • economics