the project

The e-fabrics project’s objective is to identify sustainable raw materials that may be used by the textile industry and also by the fashion production chain thus stimulating a culture of conscious consumerism. Throughout the process of creating products of design the project also promotes: research on the environmental impacts of the productive processes; the preservation of diversity, and of the social relations with local communities.

Osklen carried out the incubation phase of the e-fabrics project from 2000 to 2006. Osklen is a fabricing brand that values Brazilieness and experimentation with raw materials that are obtained through sustainable processes. The e–fabrics project was launched in 2007 at the São Paulo Fashion Week event. E-fabrics’ purpose is not to certificate but to label its products with information about the products’ socio – environmental attributes.


  • earth
  • environment
  • energy
  • education
  • empowerment
  • economics


In order to identify fabrics and materials as e-fabrics, they must be analyzed based on five compliance criteria:

  • Raw materials from sustainable sources that may be renewed or recycled;
  • Impact of the productive process on the natural environment;
  • Restoration and preservation of cultural diversity and traditions;
  • The promotion of ethical relationships between local communities and collaborating partners;
  • Design, commercial attributes and economic viability.