sanitation right away: clean water is the craze!

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The beaches and the sea are part of the life of Rio de Janeiro and are patrimony of the city and the country. In addition to the exuberant scenic beauty, they offer numerous opportunities for a diversity of uses and are source of wealth and well-being of the population. However, these opportunities are being seriously committed and wasted due to the continued disregard for sanitation and pollution of rivers and beaches.

The serious problem of pollution in the Bay of Guanabara compromises the image of Rio de Janeiro and the country in the international scenario. Most of the residences in the municipalities around the Bay do not yet have sewage collection and treatment services, and the deficit to reach the sanitation universalization in this region is a huge challenge to be overcome.

Meanwhile, sewage discharges continue to affect health and cause economic, social and environmental damage, which interfere with the good performance of sporting events, leave people sick and may even lead to death.

Changes in the Brazilian stage of the world surfing championship

We also regret that, once again, it was necessary to make changes in the Brazilian stage of the world surfing championship due to problems with pollution due to lack of sanitation. Due to the bad conditions of bathing of São Conrado´s beach, that has great waves, the organization was made to give up to realize the championship in the place.

The event was transferred to Barra da Tijuca. Despite having a treatment station and a marine outfall, this area still presents serious pollution problems in its watercourses, lagoons and the breakwater exit. So much so that many athletes became ill and again the championship was transferred. This time away from the city of Rio de Janeiro and its polluted beaches: it was held in Saquarema

The population calls for sanitation now! Rivers, beaches, and Rio de Janeiro sea cannot continue to be polluted daily by tons of untreated waste and by garbage discarded irregularly.

Solutions exist, and each beach and its rivers have a particularity, with specific needs. It is imperative, therefore, that sanitation be assumed as a priority in the governmental agenda, through a comprehensive sanitation plan, adequate to the reality of each beach and executed with total transparency, dialogue and participation of civil society.

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Clean water is the craze!

With this cry of protest and convocation that unites several institutions, movements and citizens, we want the promises and plans for recovery of the water quality of the rivers and beaches of Rio de Janeiro to be fulfilled.

All those who sign this manifesto come together to demand from the public power the commitment in the transparent and efficient execution of the necessary measures to find better conditions on our beaches, and that we can be proud to receive international sporting events with good waves and even better water quality.

Let's go after this craze: Sanitation Right Away!