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The project was developed in partnership between Institute-e, IMELS (Italian Ministry for Environment, Land and Sea ), Osklen and Fórum das Américas with the cooperation of Senai – Cetiqt. The project consolidates a new step towards the Italian-Brazilian cooperation for sustainable development. The project has tracked the carbon footprint and has also analyzed the life cycle and socio – environmental impact of six products made with the following fabrics used by Osklen: organic cotton, recycled cotton, recycled PET, piracuru leather and eco-jute.

Traces is an original and innovative project that has tracked not only the environmental and social impact of the manufacturing process of products – which are informed on the product tags – but It has also taken mitigation measures in some of the producing communities, as the island of Mexiana, in the Marajó archipelago, for instance. By taking this course of action Traces indicates ways to reduce and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions in the textile industry. The textile industry employs more than three million people around the world and has one of the highest natural resource consumption rates in the manufacturing industry.

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