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Many people, if not everyone, know that water is essential and is present in every living thing on this planet. However, not all are aware that there’s also water in inanimate products, such as clothing. That’s precisely why after having mapped, through the Traces project, the carbon and social footprints of six e-fabrics used by Osklen, Instituto-e and IMELS in partnership with Fórum das Américas have decided to undertake the survey of the hydric footprint in another four products from Osklen, our partner from the start.

In yet another pioneer and creative project, our team of experts again explored many regions of Brazil – Midwest, Southeast, and South – in order to check the amounts of water used in the multiple stages of planting and manufacturing of each of these pieces, as well as the social actions that happen along these chains of production.

During this analysis, more than once we encountered good practices, be it in the use of hydric resources, such as reuse or adequate treatment of post-production, be it in social projects. The importance of highlighting what is being done with the water in an economic activity as relevant as the fashion industry is evident when we take into consideration that, contrary to what most people think, water is limited and of difficult access to over a billion people in the world. Looking after this natural resource is imperative, and one of the ways of exercising this care is calling attention to its presence in the productive processes, exactly as it is unprecedentedly done by the Water Traces project.

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